Phymax PM1278 high sensitivity 3km SX1278 chip 433MHz LoRa RF Transceiver Module

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Module Size:
Supply Voltage:
Maximum Power:
Sleep mode current:
TX Current:
130mA@100mV output
RX Current:
Working Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Working frequency:
Supply Ability:
30000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging Details
30*35*15cm 3000pcs/Carton
Lead Time
3 weekdays
Product Description

        Phymax PM1278 high sensitivity 3km SX1278 chip 433MHz LoRa RF Transceiver Module





      The module’s RF chip bease on hopping and spreading frequency technology, internal automatic spread spectrum and forward error correction and the module is far superior to other types of modules in stability, immunity from interference and RX sensitivity. The module provide standard UART port, support data passthrough mode and has ultra-high universality.

PM1278 the maximum TX power is 100mW, chips integrate high efficiency PA, RX current is less than 14mA, standby current is 1.7uA. LORA spread spectrum technology makes farther communication distance, ultra-strong diffraction ability, the measured penetration reached 10 floors. LORA spread spectrum technology has good antijamming capability and can work in ultra-low SNR( less than-8dB ). With the advanced forwward error correction algorithm, it can achieve the desired communication effect in the industrial application environment under the complex electromagnetic interference. Module built-in linear regulator circuit to block power supply ripple interference.

The module provides multiple optional channels and can change serial ports’ parameters like baud rate, transmit rate, TX rate, RF air speed and module address etc.

The module has 4 working modes which can be freely switched at run time. The current consumption in power-saving mode is only tens of uA, which is very suitable for ultra-low power application.

PM1278 is a high performance, low power and long range micropower wireless module.                                                             .jpg



Module Features

  • 3000m transmission distance
  • Interface: UART                                                   
  • Various baud rate                                                 
  • -130dBm RX sensitivity                                                              
  • Ultra-low RX power (min 30uA)                            
  • 4 working modes                                                                      
  • Current only 1.7uA in sleep mode                        
  • Software FEC error correction, data compression                    
  • Air wake up                                                         
  • Frequency 410-470MHz, 64 channels                                       
  • Double 256Bytes annular buffer                          
  • Multiple power levels (max 100mW)                                           
  • Built-in watchdag, never crash                            
  • Efficient encryption algorithm, error correction function              
  • Support voltage reading function             



  • Automated meter reading                                                          
  • Wireless sensor      
  • Smart home                                                                               
  • Industrial remote control, telemtering   
  • Intelligent building                                                                      
  • High-tension cable monitor 
  • Environmental engineering                                                        
  • Highway         
  • Mini meteorological station                                                        
  • Automated data acquisition 
  • Consumer Electronics                                                               
  • Intelligent robot
  • Street lamp control                                                                    
  • Other wireless transmission applications  


Electric Soecification 


NO. Parameter Name Details of parameter
1 Module Size 31*33mm(without antanna)
2 Supply Voltage 4.5-9V
3 Measured Distance 3000m @ 1kbps air rate, test in the openenvironmrnt, this data is forreference only.
4 Maximum Power 20dBm
5 Air Rate 6 levels, adjustable
6 Sleep mode current 1.7uA
7 Power levels Adjustable 8 levels(0-7), decrease 2dBm per level
8 TX Current 130mA@100mV output
9 RX Current 10.5mA
10 Antenna SMA antenna or spring antenna
11 Communication Interface UART serial port
12 TX Lenght 256byte cache
13 RX Length 256byte cache
14 RSSI Built-in intelligent management
25 RX Sensitivity -137dBm at 1.2kbps air rate
16 Working Temperature -40~85℃
17 Operating Humidity 10%-90% relative humidity
18 Storage Temperature -40~85℃
19 Working Frequency 410-470MHz



Pin Definition and Softeware interface



NO. Signal Type Signal Name

Signal Direction 

(aim to module)

10 signal PL-CRST   reservation
8 signal PL-CRST   reservation
7 signal RX3 I Serial port RX signal pin (3.3V TTL electrical level)
12 signal PL-CEVT   reservation
9 signal PL-CSTA   reservation
6 signal TX3 O Serial port T signal pin (3.3V TTL electrical level)
3,4,11 Power GND VSS   system GND
1,2,5 Power VCC   Communication module imitate power supply, provided by system, voltage range: 4.5V-9V, voltage ripple less than 120mV, output current more than 125mA, meet the requirement of discrete frequency noise: 3.0kHz~150kHz≤5mV, 150kHz~200kHz≤3mV, 200kHz~500kHz≤2mV, 0.5MHz~30MHz≤1mV.


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