RF-BM-S011 Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Dominar módulos de protocolo de transmisión transparente (V1.10)

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Shaanxi, China (Continente)
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wireless contro,casa,building automation
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50 Pieza / piezas por mes
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Brief introduction


RF-BM-S01 (V1.10) through the transmission protocol is the main module for low -power Bluetooth

module from the pass-through protocol design , protocol module can be replaced through the mobile

devices and connections from the transparent transmission protocol module to achieve transparent

transmission function or direct drive control functions. This protocol module can be used from the

transparent transmission protocol module development process aids. BLE master protocol transparent

transmission module ( hereinafter referred to as MTTM) can work in transparent mode (TTM) or

command mode (CM).

MTTM after being powered on, in standby mode (SBM), this time in an idle state, no sleep, requiring

users to connect through AT commands to control the module from the device. From the device

establishes a successful link, MTTM will automatically find the transparent transmission channel from

the device, from the device belongs to BLE from transparent transmission protocol module

( hereinafter referred to as STTM), MTTM default to transparent mode, otherwise it defaults

to enter command mode.

Pass-through mode, the user CPU module universal serial port via two-way communication with

the STTM. From MTTM serial input data will be forwarded to the STTM, and the serial output

from the STTM; input data from the STTM will be forwarded to MTTM, and the serial output

from MTTM order to achieve transparent transmission of user data from the upper application

specific meaning self- definition.

Command mode, the user CPU can read and write instructions directly through MTTM STTM

direct drive control functions. This mode functions in development, so stay tuned.




2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy Energy Systems
Mobile phone peripherals
Sports and fitness devices
Consumer health and medical
Casa / Building Automation
Electrónica de consumo
USB Dongle


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