Smart Home Whitelabel Solution

العلامة التجارية مخصص. جعله لك. Build Up Your Smart Home Brand by Embracing Our Turnkey Private Label Smart Socket/Switch Solutions

ضوء لمبة الذكية العلامة البيضاء الحل

Smart Plug US White Label Solution

Smart Switch/Panel White Label Solution

Features Supported

According to customer’s requirement, custom features could be designed to fulfill the market trend.

Energy Statistics

العد التنازلي



مشاهد مخصصة

سرعة الرياح


Lighting Control

Compatible Platforms

دعم الأمازون اليكسا / صدى, Google Home/Assistant/Nest, إفتتت, Homekit


Obtain the Certificates Quickly: FCC, EC, UL, ETL, بنفايات


Turn-key Smart Home Device White-label Solution. الجودة لدينا منتجات. لديك اسم العلامة التجارية.

Project Flow & Request

Project Requirements Negotiations

Determine the cooperation intention, confirm the functional requirements

Project Evaluation

Discuss cooperation programs, and evaluate development cycle and costs.

Product Development

Hardware and software design, Module firmware development, APP research and development

Joint Debugging

Overall functions debugging and product stability testing

الإنتاج بكثافة الإنتاج بكميات ضخمة

Module procurement, PCB procurement and assembly, making the manufacture plan.